Insert Records In Zoho Modules Without Invoke URL Using Deluge

We have seen the examples of Insert records using Invoke URL in deluge.

Insert Records :

I am going to use inbuilt function of Zoho CRM for Insert Record.



zoho.crm.createRecord(<Module Name>,<Parameter>);

You can also insert records in other modules of the CRM.

Here We are going to insert a record in Leads module. 

Module Name: Leads

Parameter: The field which you need to insert along with the creation of the record.

You need to map the parameter if there is multiple fields are going to insert.


Parameter name: map_param

map_param = Map();

In the source code I have inserted the First Name and Last Name from the Leads Module.

Source Code:

new_lead = Map();
new_lead.put("Last_Name","Last Name");
new_lead.put("First_Name",First Name);
response = zoho.crm.createRecord("Leads",new_lead);

Update Records without Invoke URL using Deluge:

Hope you achieve something.

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