How To Use Exotel In Python.

In this article, we will learn how to use Exotel in python. Exotel used for Voice calling with call recording and all other call related details provide, SMS, etc functionality get using Exotel.

Automated Testing Using PyTest In Python.

In this article, we will learn Automated testing using the PyTest framework in Python. Also, discuss PyTest test creation, fixtures, parameterization, and report process.

How To Use Selenium In Python.

In this article, we will learn about Selenium web automation using python. Selenium code setup and more details about the get different ways to browser elements and using this browser automation perform.

NumPy Array: Indexing & Slicing

Indexing Indexing is used for accessing the elements of an array. Numpy array indexing is similar to simple array indexing. You have to specify the index number of an array element to retrieve it. Let us understand this with some examples. For accessing the first element of a NumPy array we have to use 0(zero)…

Tuples In Python

Python Collections (Arrays) If you haven’t check out the last blog Go and read: Declare variable in python Install Python on windows There are four types of collection datatype in python. List  Read About List   Tuple  Set Dictionary   In this post, we will learn about Tuple in python. Tuple is similar to List only the difference…

How to Create NumPy Array

Creating NumPy Array Creating a NumPy array is quite easy. You just have to import numpy library and there, you are good to go. Numpy array object is known as ndarray. We can create this object with either arange() or array() function. In the code below np is the alias name that I have given…


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