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TheCodeHubs came into action in 2019 to be a helping hand for developers. With over 3+ years of expertise, CodeHubs has made a mark as one of the reliable expert online communities for software developers to learn, grow, inspire, and get awarded.

A plethora of people joins CodeHubs every day. Now you might be wondering

why CodeHubs? How can it aid you?

So let us highlight why you should give CodeHubs a try.

  • It’s the one-stop solution for the latest news and trends in the software development industry.
  • Free solution provider with wholesome articles, code samples, tutorials, and code samples to download.
  • You can simply ask queries in the forum.
  • If you know something valuable, you can straightforwardly share it with the other developers and be their asset.
  • Beginners are bestowed with the proper suggestions from experts and experiences.
  • You can motivate and teach others and learn in the blink of an eye.
  • People recognize you for your immensely beneficial skills and talent, and you get recognition as an author, speaker, expert on forums, and MVP.

CodeHubs MVP Award

CodeHubs has the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award to appreciate our top-notch community members. CodeHubs award is the appreciation a member receives for contributing and being a consistent part of the wider community.

Are you thinking about how to be a CodeHubs MVP? 

Well, It’s pretty much straightforward. The award is bestowed to members who help in taking the community to the next level in one or another way:

  • Write tested and reliable articles and tutorials with easy to use code samples
  • Answer the queries in the forum
  • Be consistent in replying to user comments
  • Aid community to develop by figuring out problems and feedback.
  • Talk in user groups and chapter events.
  • Support the community by sharing it on social media, friends groups, etc.

Advantages of being a CodeHubs MVP.

The community aims to enhance your skills and embrace your knowledge. Below are the advantages of being a CodeHubs MVP.

  • You get renowned worldwide as a community leader, influencer, and expert in your domain.
  • You get an Award, a token of thanks and appreciation from CodeHubs.
  • We provide you the opportunity to share your views at meetups, chapter events, and conferences
  • Great authoring opportunities with famous publishers.
  • Professional network building with renowned industry influencers and prominent leaders
  • Annual conference invitation of CodeHubs.

How do we proceed with MVPs?

Is writing articles enough to be an MVP? No, it’s not like that. CodeHubs MVP award is for our top members who inspire, motivate, communicate and help others grow and learn. Every year we select a fixed number of MVPs for this particular award. In short, to be an MVP, you must be among the top contributors for at least a year. The contributions are the points received from contributions of writing articles, blogs, forums answers, eBooks, speaking,  and everything else you do in the community’s favor based on the community guidelines.

Featured articles are eligible for more points. Speaking at the conference, writing ebooks, and other tasks have a broader impact. Foremost MVPs will also be selected for being an asset behind the curtains in improving and spreading awareness about the CodeHubs.

For example, if an MVP is educating people about CodeHubs at different institutes and organizations or the ones that write codes to fix forum issues and inquiries.

If you still have doubts, please share your views in the comment section below.

We will try our best to make it better for you.

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